Eating Out in Lanzarote - What to Eat in Lanzarote?

Eating out in Lanzarote is also fantastic. Holidaymakers may find variety of cafes and restaurants in Lanzarote along the beautiful promenade area of the resorts of Lanzarote and enjoy the local cuisine, traditional tapas, international dishes and fresh seafood. Dorada, Tropical and Mahou beers are the popular local drinks.

For the ones who want to discover the autochthonous gastronomy of Lanzarote and Canary Islands, the fine fish in the coastal towns of El Golfo, La Caleta de Famara, Orzola is worth a taste.

Cherne (a variety of grouper), meagre and Uga salmon are also other popular fish dishes in Lanzarote. Grey or red vieja, stewed or slit open and done on its back is a favourite dish with the islanders.

The comforting fish stock or the typical home made jareas, pejines and tollos, the papas arrugadas or wrinkled potatoes (potatoes boiled with their skins on in a lot of salt which crystallises when dry and “wrinkles” the potatoes), the sancocho, with its wise combination of ingredients, the soft and cured cheeses are all popular dishes and examples of culinary creativity.

As for wines; the wines of La Geria are very popular.

They are worthy of special merit on account of the fact that they originate in the midst of dismal beds of ash, the wines of La Geria stand out for their clearly refined flavours.

Lanzarote also possesses an Appellation d’Origine Regulating Board and produces the finest white wines of the Canary Islands.

Must visit in Lanzarote

  • Mirador del Rio

    Mirador del Rio is a popular landscape and view point located at 498 meters above the sea level and a must see place on top of the Risco de Famara offering the most spectacular views of Lanzarote.

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